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Mike Anderson’s Seafood – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

On Saturday, before the wedding, almost the entire family went to Mike Anderson’s Seafood for lunch. We had to wait a few minutes because we had 15 people and they needed to get some tables put together. We sat down and were handed the menu, which was printed on two thin pieces of wood. How cool is that? Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that was something that’s fairly original. Everyone ordered something different and we all loved our meals. I had another shrimp po boy with fries. It was very good. Everything was fresh and seasoned so well. The service was excellent and we really enjoyed everything.

On the website they claim, “Mike Anderson’s Seafood has grown into Baton Rouge staple over the last 30 years. For fantastic regional food in a festive atmosphere — and for fun with friends and family too. After three decades in the food business, Mike Anderson’s has earned its reputation for exceptional meals and pampering customers.”, and I completely agree. Everything was fantastic!

Here are some photos from their website, makes you hungry doesn’t it?

Meal 3Meal 4Meal 2Meal

Mike Anderson’s Seafood, 1031 West Lee Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70820