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Graham Cracker Cookies

1 Cup butter or margarine
1 Cup packed brown sugar
1 Cup of chopped pecans
Graham Crackers

Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray and cover with graham crackers, make sure the lines are all going the same direction. It will make cutting them later easier.

Heat the butter and brown sugar in a pan until melted, stirring occasionally. Chop the pecans and sprinkle over the graham crackers. Once the butter mixture is melted pour over the graham crackers and pecans. Bake in the oven at 325 for 10 minutes.

Cool about 5 minutes, no more, and get the cookies cut and place in an air tight container. IF you leave the cookies until cool you will have a sticky mess and they will be difficult to remove from the pan.

I make these cookies all year long, they are different from traditional cookies. Enjoy!