The Special Picnic

Ever since my daughter was 3 we’ve enjoyed a special picnic together. Many times on a Saturday or Sunday Chad would be working and Kali and I would be left to have a “Girls Day”. Typically we would go to the park, or play outside, but on those rainy yucky days we would be stuck inside.

Sure, we could have went to the mall or some other inside “attraction” but how fun is that for a little one? Yeah, not so much. So I decided to try something different, I prepared a special picnic. I would put together easy (not messy) foods like pepperoni, sliced cheese, ham, turkey, crackers, chips, and cookies. I’d lay out a blanket on the living room floor, and without distractions (no TV) we would sit on the blanket and have a carpet picnic.

I’d make sure the windows were open for as much natural light as possible and Kali liked to bring her crayons and coloring books. We would sit and snack and color her coloring books. Those picnics last longer the older she gets, but we still enjoy them on some of the days we can’t get outside.

Looking back it wasn’t so much that we had a fun new way to have a snack, and something to keep her entertained, but that we created something special together. So the next time it’s raining, get creative with your kids and enjoy snack time!


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